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Existing Distributor Info

You are a Distributor, an independent entrepreneur or an independent-minded business leader. You have sacrificed and worked long hours to create a business. You must protect and nurture it in order for it—and you—to succeed.

To achieve success, you need a good wholesale supplier, but not just any supplier.  You need a dedicated supplier, one you can trust, one who will guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. Automotive Service Products is that wholesale supplier.

Save BIG on our One-Stop-Shopping!

Instead of managing multiple suppliers in the same field, whittle your relationships down to a preferred supplier. Distributors who elect a One-Stop-Shop supplier gain huge benefits—and save money!  What benefits? See below. Don’t believe it? Google it!

Easier, Better, Lower-Cost Management

  • $700-$1,400 – That’s your internal cost to source a new supplier, set it up, negotiate with it, and manage it ongoing. Consolidate and save!

Reduced Purchasing and Processing Costs

  • $50 to $200 more or less – that’s the cost to process a single Purchase Order depending on salaries, systems, overhead, etc.
  • 9.18% reduction in cost for general equipment and supplies when the number of suppliers is minimized (per top quartile of companies observed).
  • Fewer invoices to process. It costs up to $14 to process one invoice, and 62% of the cost is labor, mostly associated with errors.
  • Less time in supplier meetings, calls, and emails equals money saved.

Lower Shipping Costs

  • Lower average shipping costs is a major benefit of our One-Stop-Shop. Often, this benefit alone is enough to justify one-stop-shopping.
  • Which is more efficient? Handling, processing, and paying shipping on three boxes for three items, or one box with all three items? One-stop-shopping with ASP saves time and money for you and your customers.
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities on both sides of the U.S.A. ensure shipping efficiency.
  • With our complete line you can consolidate your #1 logistical expense: Shipping.

Improved Supplier Relationships

  • Fewer suppliers translates into more time for you to focus on improving quality, efficiency, and overall performance.

Better Prices for You

  • When a primary supplier gets a larger piece of your market share, he can buy or manufacture more efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

Better Vendor Effort

  • With fewer suppliers, those remaining have more at risk and are more likely to work harder to keep your business.

“The Benefits of Supplier Consolidation Extend Far Beyond Sourcing Savings” The Hackett Group. Pierre Mitchell and Christopher Sawchuck

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ASP is cost effective, they provide in-house production, and overall, they allow me to consolidate vendors. They are my one-stop shop!
—Malcom Uffelman, JR.

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