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Become an ASP Distributor!

Join our Team!

We would like for you to consider becoming an ASP Distributor! Join the ranks of those who have been earning a fine living with us since 1986!

To learn more, simply complete the simple form on the right, and a New Distributor Specialist will be in touch with you soon!

If you are ready to act now, simply download an Application by clicking here. You can elect to set up a prepaid account using your credit card right away, or you may apply for a credit account with terms of Net 30 by completing the requested banking and trade credit information.

Mail your Application to:

New Distributor
Automotive Service Products
PO Box 951
Burlington, KY 41005

Or scan and attach it to an email addressed to:

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Distributor Benefits

To maintain our goal of providing the best care for Distributors, ASP focuses on helping you constantly improve all areas of Distributorship management, with special emphasis on these:

Time.  It’s true, time really is money, and your time is too valuable to waste. ASP provides the latest technology, backed by “live” customer service assistance, to help you make every minute count.

  • Save time on product searches
  • Get quotes faster
  • Minimize turnaround times, order-ship same day on many items
  • Transparency throughout the order process so you can follow your order
  • Reliability – we do what we say, when we say it will happen
  • Reorder easily, quickly
  • Enjoy instant access to invoices and history
  • Order on-the-spot at your Dealer’s location with ASP App

Money.  Today’s Distributor must maximize margins by buying smarter, warehousing for repeat orders, minimizing shipping costs, and reducing turnaround times for improved cash flow. ASP offers the capacity and experience to help you improve your bottom line.

  • No minimum purchase
  • Vendor consolidation = Reduced Freight and more. One-stop-shop with ASP!
  • Buy direct from manufacturer! That’s correct; we manufacture best-selling items.
  • New: 2-day shipping reaches 96% of the United States population.
  • New: Warehouse distribution facilities on both sides of the U.S.A. ensure shipping efficiency.
  • Warehousing programs to support annual buying
  • Bundled offers
  • Rewards Programs

Knowledge.  A  knowledgeable Distributor is a successful Distributor, solving problems for Dealers and helping Dealers sell more. You can depend on ASP for product and process knowledge to help you meet your dealers’ needs in every department!

  • Advice from dedicated Customer Service specialists
  • Guidance from sales, design, and production experts
  • Tips on hot items and bundles
  • Training on selling custom work

Support.  Think of ASP’s staff as an extension of your own. You have expert buyers, researchers, designers, printers, warehouse managers, inventory managers, and shipping experts available to you…and we WANT to help you succeed. You get DIRECT points or contact (instead of being passed around or waiting on callbacks), and this Team offers many Support Programs to enhance your sales efforts, including:

  • Full Online Shopping and Ordering (see )
  • iPhone and Android order-on-the-spot App
  • 3,000+ Product Catalog, printed and digital
  • Unbranded or branded-to-you websites available! 
  • Sales Sheets you can brand to your Distributorship
  • Sales promotions on popular items and bundles
  • Templates for custom orders
  • Product training
  • Integrate with us via EDI and XML

Quality, Efficiency, Service, Reliability = Happy Customers

Caring more, providing more, supporting more! That’s how ASP helps you achieve your full potential.

Want even more? Ask us! We are dedicated to being everything you need us to be to help you succeed.

We are eager to have you on the Team!

Become an ASP Distributor


“We make it possible for anyone with drive
to operate a successful business”

Jeff and Kellie Koenig
      and the ASP Team

#1 in Distributor Care!

Exclusively Serving Selected Distributors
Forms – Supplies – Custom Orders – In-House Trade Print Manufacturer

ASP has been our trusted automotive wholesale partner since 2009. ASP provides us with complete package of print, promotional, and stock products that help us meet our customer needs.
—Jeff Townsend

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