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Leadership Team

Jeff KoenigJeff Koenig
Local:  (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Jeff is co-owner and President of ASP. From the time Jeff joined ASP in 2004, his focus has been on strategic planning, technology advancements, product expansions, and customer service excellence. His impact on each of these areas has transformed ASP from a largely manual operation into an efficient manufacturing and distribution operation embracing the latest technologies in every department.

Kellie KoenigKellie Koenig
Vice President
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Kellie is the Vice President and co-owner of ASP, which was originally founded by her parents in 1986. Despite her long history with the company, she transitioned into this role just 4 years ago after 23 years as a nurse.
“I was ready for a change and my father wanted to fully retire, so then Jeff and I bought the business and here we are!”
Today, as Vice President, Kellie is involved in all aspects of ASP business, but focuses mostly on Human Resources, Accounts Payable, and Administration. She especially enjoys working with the people across the company.
“I enjoy seeing the company grow and mature and actually being with people who are excited and motivated to help with this process. We have a great group of people. They are dedicated, loyal, and committed to the company’s success.”
Away from ASP, Kellie spends time with her family. Her husband, Jeff, is the President and co-owner of the company, and together they have 3 sons, Zach (22), Nick (18), and Brayden (7). The boys are Kellie’s greatest pride — they shine in school and athletics, are “well-rounded, good-mannered boys.” The two older boys also serve their community as Eagle Scouts. Kellie also enjoys the company of her four-legged family member, Rudy, who comes to work with her every day!

Lindsay FeldhausLindsay Feldhaus
Director of Services
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Lindsay is the Director of Services at ASP, where she spends her days solving problems, supporting distributors and improving processes and technology. After 16 years with the company, Lindsay’s favorite part of working at ASP is developing long term relationships with the distributors and helping them grow their businesses.
Originally from Arkansas, Lindsay enjoys attending sporting events and concerts, eating Mexican food, and spending time with her three children

Zach KoenigZach Koenig
Warehouse Manager
Local:  (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Managing daily operations of the ASP warehouse is Zach’s primary responsibility. He also oversees training, quality assurance, and warehouse staffing to help ensure that ASP remains #1 in Distributor Care. Zach is continuously researching modern warehouse procedures, conducting resource studies and cross-training with other ASP departments to improve efficiencies and teamwork.

Paula KoenigPaula Koenig
Purchasing Manager
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Paula is the Purchasing Manager and has been with ASP for 13 years. She manages the short run custom printing of forms, envelopes, window stickers, and much more to meet the needs of the distributors and their clients. While she enjoys the work she does, Paula’s favorite part of working at ASP is the people she gets to work with!
“I work with intelligent, interesting, competent people who all work together to get things done. Everyone is willing to pitch in and get the job done for our customers and that is a wonderful way to work!”
When she’s not at ASP, Paula enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing games, watching movies, reading, and eating Italian or Chinese food! She is a Kentucky native and as a lifetime member, she has been a Girl Scout for nearly 50 years!

Deborah SpeicherDeborah Speicher
Custom’s Specialist Manager
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Deborah is a Custom’s Specialist Manager at ASP who has been with the company for 7 years, and while she’s worn many hats over the years, she loves her current role of overseeing operations, training, and handling higher level requests from customers.
“I love my fellow employees, Jeff and Kellie make coming to work every day a pleasure. The customers by far make me enjoy my daily routine.”
A Northern Kentucky native, Deborah enjoys Italian food, crafting, gardening, and planning themed parties. She has a special skill for making people laugh and being very honest, and is most proud of never giving up on “being a better me today than the me I was yesterday” and pushing herself to be successful in whatever she does. Deborah also proudly passed along her strong work ethic to her daughter, Abigail, reminding her, “you have to work for what you want.” The same cannot be said for her beagle, Thor, who has never had to work for anything, but still gets what he wants!

Sabrina AndersonSabrina Anderson
Corporate Acct. & Administration
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

As the Corporate Accountant of ASP, the bulk of Sabrina’s day involves number crunching and problem solving in order to create financial statements and managerial reports for the company. She also works in Human Resources and administrates special projects.
“I enjoy being involved in the projects, strategy sessions and critical decisions that are happening all of the time at ASP. I get a great feeling of satisfaction after achievement of a difficult task that demanded my best. I also love the way that Jeff & Kellie foster a caring and positive work environment for the team and how that translates out to our customers.”
Sabrina hasn’t always been surrounded by spreadsheets and numbers, though. She spent 10 years as a counselor in the Air Force! It wasn’t until she took her first accounting class in college that she considered switching career paths. Sabrina eventually graduated Cum Laude from college while still serving in the Air Force and raising her children.

Chance D. CleghornChance D. Cleghorn
Print & Graphics Manager
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Chance leaves nothing to chance as he manages the tight and precise world of print production at ASP, where specifications rule. Yet, every single job that goes through the shop is one of a kind. Chance joined ASP in April of 2018. “I work with a great team that produces custom products that are second to none,” says Chance.
What does Chance like about working at ASP? “I’m not a number. We have a connection with each other. I love the challenges, opportunities, and the family atmosphere. We all matter here, and we all make a positive impact.”
Chance draws daily inspiration from his daughter, especially from her persistence. “Hard work and dedication equals great reward,” she said—at the age of 10.
Chance hails from Northwest Ohio, and he has two cats, even though he is a dog lover.
“My lifestyle is too hectic to own a dog,” says Chance.

Barb CampbellBarb Campbell
Customer Service Manager
Local: (859) 525-2220
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Barb joined us in January and her primary responsibility is manager of our Customer Service Team. She oversees weekly training, operations and handling requests from our amazing Distributors to ensure we remain #1 in Distributor Care.

Rob McAfeeRob McAfee
Director of Operations
Local: (859) 282-5170
Toll Free: (800) 843-5443

Rob is our Director of Operations and is responsible for our In-House Production, Purchasing and Warehousing operations. Prior to joining ASP, Rob spent 21 years in the US Navy and uses those coaching and leadership skills to promote a strong team concept that focuses on satisfying ASP’s Distributors’ needs. Rob says helping customers is one of his favorite parts of working at ASP as well as the work environment of great people that encourage success in one another.
Rob is originally from Cincinnati, OH. Away from work, he enjoys Mexican food, cooking with his multiple grills and smokers, and spending time with his Wife and their two Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dogs, Letty and Kinsley.

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