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Ben dating around

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Ben is the latest addition to the hit Netflix show "Dating Around." The show follows one person as they go on five different dates, with the potential of finding their perfect match.

Ben is a 29 year old from Birmingham, Alabama who is ready to find his soulmate. He is an outgoing, positive person with a love for food and adventure. He's looking for someone to share his life with, and he's hoping to find that special someone on the show.

The first date of the show starts off with Ben meeting up with a woman named Sarah. They hit it off right away and Ben can tell that Sarah is someone he could really connect with. He loves her sense of humor and her adventurous spirit, and they quickly decide to go out on a second date.

On their second date, Ben and Sarah go kayaking at a nearby lake. Ben knows he has made the right decision in choosing Sarah as his first date when they both enjoy their time on the water. They laugh, talk, and spend a few hours bonding over their shared love of adventure.

At the end of the episode, Ben is hopeful for the future of his relationship with Sarah. He knows that even if she isn't the one for him, she will at least be a great friend. Ben is excited to see what the rest of his dating journey has in store for him, and he can't wait to find out who his true soulmate might be.